Saturday, 29 November 2014

My Eyebrow Threading Experience

Hey Guys, 

I have recently started getting my eyebrows threaded instead of waxing and when I started telling my friends they were all really curious as there seams to be a stigma attached to eyebrow threading. So I thought I would share my experience including some photos. 

As you can see from the photo's they don't look exactly the same my eyebrows never do until I use some product in them. And I can only apologise about the quality of these photos I had to take them on my Iphone with really poor lighting. 

Now I did try and take a before photo but trust me that was not pretty. Basically before I went in I was in desperate need, they were a mess. Truthfully they needed doing two weeks before I actually got them done but I was trying to grow them out so I could get them thicker than I normally do. 

I've seen threading stations all over including most Superdrug's, I get mine done in Debenhams as I think the ladies in there are all super friendly and try to make the experience as painless as they can. 

Now I'm not going to lie, it does hurt, well not hurt more of a sting. Not enough to make your eyes water and it's over pretty quick. The reason I prefer threading is it seems to get a much better line and you can get more of a precise shape. It also seems to get those little hairs that you can't really tell are there normally. The other massive plus for me is I sometimes used to get a reaction from the wax used and obviously there is none of that with threading.  

In in all honesty I'm not 100% happy with these as the lady who normally does them for me wasn't in yesterday and I had to have them done off the other lady who wasn't as good but I still don't think she has done a bad job. 

Have you ever tried eyebrow threading? Let me know how you got on! 
Speak Soon 

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