Monday, 19 November 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #9

Hey Guys,

Finally the last day of the ten day you challenge is here. I only wish that I could have done this properly and actually stuck to doing it every day rather than once in a blue moon, but never mind. Day ten is one picture of myself.  (Cue the cheesy Iphone picture)
So there you have it. I have to say that I am pleased that this tag is finally finished although I did enjoy sharing with you some of my favourite things.
Let me know if you took part in this tag.
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Product review: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Products

Hey Guys,
Okay so a bit of history on my hair before I begin. I have really flat dull hair that isn't to thick or to thin it's somewhere in the middle. It's been every colour from a dull boring brown to bright red and everything In-between. The annoying thing about my hair is the fact that my parting is so strong that I don't think I could ever change it so there is no chance that I could ever have a side parting. The other really annoying thing is that I have a really strong cowlick and the front of my head. Unfortunately it runs in my family so my poor brothers have got it to. However this also means that there is no chance that I could ever have a fringe. My hair grows really slowly, like really slow, I’ve been growing a bob cut out now for about two years.
I have always secretly wanted long hair so recently I have been willing to give anything a try in order to help it grow. I considered taking seaweed tablets but they make ALL your hair grow, ew! So when I was in my local boots last month and saw that the lee Stafford range was on offer on 3 for 2 I thought I might as well give it a go.

So after about three weeks of actually using these products two or three times a week I have to say I'm pretty impressed.
I have noticed that my hair seems to be getting longer, but the pessimistic part of me thinks that it’s because I am watching it like a hawk to see if it’s growing. My favourite product of the three is the tub of treatment that you use in-between the shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and luxurious. I’m not a massive fan of the shampoo because I feel like it doesn’t give my hair a very deep clean, even when I wash it twice and the conditioner doesn’t really leave my hair feeling very soft. However that might be the point of them that they are only supposed to make your hair grow rather than act like a normal shampoo and conditioner.  

I’ve been using these products for about a month and a half and, although I’m not Repunzel yet, other people have been commenting on my hair saying it looks longer. So I would say that if you’re in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner these are definitely worth giving them a go because in my opinion they have worked. But I would still say every other wash to use a different shampoo just to give your hair a deep cleanse. 

So there you have it. Have you ever tried these products?
Speak soon,

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #6

Hey Guys,

I promise that I will eventually get this tag finished. I think it’s taken me ten years rather than ten days but never mind.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you four books. Anybody who doesn’t know I am a complete book worm. I love nothing more than wasting a whole day sat reading a book. I have been known to start and finish a book in one day. I thought I would share with you my four favourite books.

1.       Sophie Kinsella books: Okay so I know this is cheating by talking about an author rather than one book bur I literally love every one of her books. I’ve even read most of the books she has written under the name Madeline Whickham and I love them all. I think they are a really fun easy read that you can easily get lost in.

2.       Cecilia Ahern, P.S I Love You: I read this book in about 3 days one year on holiday. It was the first book that I actually cried when I was reading it. It’s a beautifully heart breaking and uplifting story. I then made the mistake of watching the film that went alongside this book. The film is pants so if you liked the film I can guarantee that you will love the book.

3.       Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Travellers Wife: This was another book that I actually found myself crying to when I was reading it. I enjoyed it that much that I ended up re-reading it because I was frightened that I’d missed something.

4.       Stephen King, The Dead Zone: This was a strange choice for me because, as you can see from the rest of this list I like romantic books that mostly have a happy ending. However I loved this book. I became really engrossed in this book and it was all I could think about for days after I had finished reading. A definite recommendation.

 So there you go my four ultimate favourite books. And I promise I will have this tag finished sooner or later.

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Products I Regret Buying

Hey guys,

So finally I have some good news my internet is now fully restored and in good working order, about time to. Hopefully now I can get back to blogging regularly.  
So this is a bit of a different post for you today. Normally you read blogs and they all rave about the products they are currently loving and you never get to see any of the products that they didn’t like. So I thought I would share with you products that I was less than impressed with.  

No7 primers: I’ve tried two of no7 primers; the colour calming one and the shine free one. I have to say that I gave these a really fair trial and have used most of both products. I bought the colour calming primer first as I was trying to find a solution to the yellow pigmentation on my face, especially under my eyes. Now I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for the primer but I’m pretty sure that I will have used a five pound of No7 voucher. However I was still really disappointed when this didn’t actually work. Not only did it not ‘calm the colour’ but it made no difference to how long my make-up stayed on either. Saying this I don’t know what possessed me to then go out and by another primer. And again, pretty much straight away, I knew I’d wasted my money. They just don’t work for me, so I will definitely not be conned into buying anymore.

 No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara : Okay so in not completely hating on No7 because I do actually really like some of their products, the nail varnishes in particular. The funny thing is I would actually recommend people try because it actually worked, it left my eyelashes really long and curled. The only thing is I think I must be allergic to it! It made my eyes really itchy and they watered like mad. So I must have only used it two or three times but I just can't bring myself to throw it away!
Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan: This was another product where there wasn't actually anything majorly wrong with it, it was just a bit pants. It didn't really give me any sort of tan but it was really moisturising. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a fair trial I only used it for a week or so and then I gave it to my mam and she really likes it. The only thing I would say about this product is that, although it doesn’t give you the look of fake tan, it certainly gives you the smell.  
Backcomb in a bottle: Now I’m going to be slightly harsh here but I really have nothing nice to say about this. All it did was make my hair sticky and hard! It was basically just hairspray in a prettier bottle. It was quite expensive as well and I've only used it once so it was a total waste of money.
17 Nail Polishes: Now to be fair to this brand their nail polishes are only a couple of pound so you can’t really complain. Now I’m about to complain, you need about 17thousand coats to get any sort of opacity to the colour and when you’ve wasted all your time doing that it then chips straight away.  
I don't normally have a lot of products that I don't like as I tend to a lot of research and read lots of blog posts before I fork out my hard earned cash. I do impulse buy certain products but often I end up really liking them.
Have you ever regretted buying anything?

Speak soon

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #8

Hey Guys,

It’s the penultimate day of this tag. Fear not only one moreday to go.

Today I’m going to be sharing two of my favourite songs withyou. Now this is going to be quite a hard tag because I pretty much love allsongs that I can sing along to.  The twosongs that I listen to over again at the minute are;

1.      Hey Ho by the Lumineers. (from the Eon Advert)


What are your favourite songs at the minute?

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Ten Day You Challenge #7

Hey Guys,

Finally this tag is drawing to the end. Hasn’t it taken sucha long time? Never mind though.

Today I’m sharing my three favourite films that I can sitand watch over and over again.

1.      The Back to the future trilogy. These films areon the tele quite often and even though I have them on DVD I will sit and watchthem on the tele. I just think that they are all really good but I think numberthree is my favourite.

2.      Kindergarten Cop. This is a classic 90’s stylefilm but I just love it. It always makes me laugh and I normally shed a littletear at the end as well.

3.      Avengers Assemble. This is a fairly recentaddition to my favourites list but it’s amazing. I saw it at the pictures and Iimmediately wanted to go and see it again.

This was probably one of the hardest days of this tagbecause I literally love thousands of films. Particularly cheesy 80’s and 90’sfilms and, of course, all Disney films.

What are yourfavourite films?

Speak Soon


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