Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #5

Hey guys,
I know I’ve already posted one of these posts today but I thought while I had internet access I might as well do a couple of posts. I promise things will be sorted soon. Day five is all about food, possibly one of my favourite subjects.  I’m sharing with you today my five ultimate favourite foods.

1.       My ultimate favourite food that I never tire of eating is Pasta. All pasta, all sauces and all meats. So as you can see I’m not fussy as long as there is some sort of pasta in there somewhere I’d happily eat it.

2.       Crisps. Crisps are definitely my weakness; I will never lose any weight whilst my addiction to crisps continues. But in all fairness I am totally not willing to give them up, especially flaming hot monster munch, yummm.

3.       Chinese food. This is the very reason that I am not a size 6. I could eat Chinese food for tea every night, just for the record black bean sauce is my ultimate favourite.

4.       Winter food. I know this is a bit vague, but I mean things like casseroles, pies, meat and two veg. Picture this; it’s freezing cold and raining outside your all cosy in your favourite jumper with a hot cup of tea just about to tuck into a sausage casserole with mash potato. See now isn’t that a lovely image, now you understand why winter foods are my favourite.

5.       Hot chocolate fudge cake with custard. I don’t really have a particularly sweet tooth but I love going out for a meal and finishing it off with a really naughty piece of cake. I mean let’s face it who doesn’t?

So there you have it guys. What are your favourite foods? Do you over indulge with a naughty piece of cake?
Speak Soon

Ten Day You Challenge #4

Hey guys,

So I know that these posts were supposed to be posted daily but I have had major problems with my Internet connection. I tried to do scheduled posts but they just wouldn't work for some strange reason, who knows maybe I did it wrong? Then I tied to post from my iPad but it kept jointing certain words together, weird!  So anyway I'm going to try and post these and other posts as regularly as I can until I can get this silly internet working!

So here goes with my seven places!

Now I didn't know whether this referred to places I'd like to go or placesI'd been, so I thought id to a mixture of the two.

1.     New York: it's my absolute dream to go to New York. I fell in love with the city after endless hours of watching sex in the city and dreaming of a life like Carrie Bradshaw, ah the shoes! It's my dream to spend Christmas there, with the snow and the big trees and just everything.

2.     Corfu: Slightly soppy one here. This was the first place that me and Stuart went on holiday together on our own so it holds a lot of special memories for me.

3.     Kenya: I went to Kenya in 2005 to be a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. All I can say is that it was just as amazing as you think. We went on a three day safari where we saw all the big hitters; elephants, lions,cheetahs, zebra and loads more. It is honestly something that I recommend people do at least once in their life time.

4.     The Caribbean: Again this is another dream holiday locationor even honeymoon idea. I’m not really fussy about where is the Caribbean I go to just as long as it has a white sandy beach. So I’m not asking much really then,(cough).

5.    Kos: Again this is another place that me and Stuartwent on holiday together. Just to shorten this post I actually like all the Greek islands.

6. London: Okay so I know that some people don’t class weekend breaks as holidays but definitely do. I am totally convinced that I am destined to live in London. I love every single thing about the city.

  So there you go, where are your dream holiday destinations? Join me soon (hopefully) for my five foods.

Speak Soon

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