Thursday, 31 January 2013

Soap And Glory Sugar Crush: Review

Hey guys,
TodayI’m going to do a review of Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub. I receivedthis for Christmas as part of the big Soap and Glory get set that gets releasedevery Christmas time.  Now I absolutelylove pretty much all of the Soap and glory products but I think that this hascrept into being my favourite. To be honest I think the main reason for thishas to be the smell. Anybody who knows me knows that I love all things citrusyand this fits in that bracket. It’s supposed to smell of sweet lime, macadamiagrains and almond oil, but in my opinion I can only smell the sugar and thelime. This is why I think I like it so much.
Howevernot only does it smell divine it actually works. It is exactly the right levelof exfoliation for me. I personally don’t like an exfoliater that is so strongit feels like it’s taken seven layers of skin off. However I also like to beable to tell that I have exfoliated. So this is the perfect balance for me.
 I’m already quite away through this tub and Ionly started using it a couple of weeks ago. I normally tend to use it two orthree times a week, but it just depends on how often I feel I need it.  Recently I’ve been following up with TheRighteous Butter, also from Soap and Glory. Partly because I love it and partlybecause I got four tubs of the stuff for Christmas. Anyway this combinationtogether has left my arms and legs feeling really soft and moisturised even inthe horrible weather we’ve been getting.
Soall in all I think I will definitely be repurchasing this when this tub runsout and for under a tenner who can complain!
Letme know what your favourite exfoliater is, I’d love to try some new ones!
Speak Soon

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


 Hey Guys,

I’m back with an N.O.T.D post for you.  Hope you enjoy.

As you can I actually have acrylics on my nails. My friend is learning to be a beauty therapist so I volunteered my nails so she could practice. Then I dyed my hair red (post coming up) so my poor nails were stained pink so I had to paint them.
I used a pink Accessorize nail polish as the base coat; sorry it doesn’t have a name. Then I used Models Own Hot Stuff from the mirror ball collection.  I really like these two together and it stayed in place without chipping for good few days.
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Week In Pictures #2

©       This was the week the white stuff made the world come to a stop
©       Spending my day off in bed watching Youtube videos
©       My dogs LOVE the snow
©       My surprise present from Stuart ( I very nearly died with excitement)
©       They are the original tall in Aubergine
©       Aww look at this cutey just lying down posing!
Let me know what you've done this week.
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Saturday, 19 January 2013

What's in my bag?

Hey Guys,
So today I thought I’d do my version on one of my favourite posts to read. It’s a ‘what’s in my bag?’ post. Personally I love these kinds of posts because I’m so nosey and I like to delve in to a part of people’s lives that you don’t normally get a chance to see.

So here goes. My bag was actually a Christmas present from my cousin, it’s from Dorothy Perkins. It’s the kind of bag I like because it’s big enough to fit all of my crap in and it has a long strap to go over my shoulder.  Now because this bag is fairly new I haven’t quite had a chance to fill it full of the usual crap that is normally floating around in there.
So the first thing is my purse from next. Now I got this purse in the summer which is why the colours are so bright. But it’s absolutely filthy now and I desperately need a new one. I just can’t find one big enough to keep all my cards and rubbish in. Seriously if any shop or coffee shop has loyalty cards I can pretty much guarantee that I have one.
Next is my keys. Pretty boring just my house and car keys.
Underneath my purse is my dairy. I really like the cute butterfly design on this. I got it from the next sale for £2. It’s a day by day diary so I can use it to write everything that I need to remember in.
Next to that is my lanyard for work. Yes I work at New look, but just my local one. Over the Christmas period that place became my second home.
Then we come to my notebook and pen. I like to keep a note book on me so I can write lists and things I need to do whenever they come in to my head. Recently I’ve been making a lot of lists of blog posts that I want to write. I need to write them down when I think of them otherwise I forgot pretty much straight away.  The notebook is actually from Paperchase back in March but they always have gorgeous designs in all year round.  
Next is an essential in the north east weather, mittens. Mine are from New Look, surprise surprise.  They keep my lovely and warm when I’m on my way to work or walking the dogs.
Then I have a bottle of perfume. This is Just Pink from Next. It’s a really girly scent that I like to wear for work. This may sound daft but I don’t like to waste my expensive perfumes to wear to work.
Finally I have a compact mirror from Accessorize just to keep an eye on what’s happening on my face during the day. Then there’s a very shoddy looking Burts bee’s Lip balm. I’m not overly impressed with this. I haven’t had it that long and its looks really old but I can assure you the product inside is lovely.
So there you go guys. A sneak peek into my handbag! Let me know what you carry round on a daily basis.
Speak Soon

Monday, 14 January 2013

Look Beauty Bargains

Hey guys,

I hope your all having a good Monday. As I was browsing the internet for bargains as I tend to do when I’m bored on a Monday I came across something I just had to share with you.
Look Beauty is currently having a massive promotion where every product on their website is half price, that’s right 50% off.  Being as how they don’t stock this range in my local Superdrug I couldn’t resist this offer.

I haven’t actually tried any of the cosmetics but I really like the nail varnishes, I know what a shock!
And with foundation as cheap as £6 it’s a good way to try products that you otherwise may have been wary of.

As I said they don’t stock it in my Superdrug so I’m not sure if this is an online discount only. But the offer is on until the 22nd of January. So that gives you time to scope out the products in store to test which ones you like.  
Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post, for some reason blogger wont let me upload any :(
Let me know if you end up making a sneaky purcahse!
Speak Soon

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year New Start

(image: weheartit)
Happy New Year!!
First of all I just want to say that I am sorry that I totally disappeared from the blogasphere recently, but I have been working crazy hours at work over Christmas and New Year, that’s retail for you.
But as the title of this post suggests it’s a new year so that means a new start. Of course have the same New Year’s resolutions as everybody else; lose weight, stop biting my nails blah blah blah. But the one resolution that I intend on sticking to is posting on my blog at least once a week. Now my hours have calmed down at work I should get at least two days off a week and I intend to donate at least one of them to blogging. A task that I will definitely find much easier since I received a brand spanking new camera off Santa.
Okay, so I’m off to write some decent posts actually worth reading!
Speak soon,

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