Friday, 14 February 2014

My Valentine

Hey Guys,

Happy Valentines day to you all. To be honest me and Stuart don't really celebrate valentines, we used to when we first got together but it kind of lost it's shine. Currently I am sat at my desk in the office where I am until 9pm so I won't even see Stuart tonight.

At least I included a picture of us, that's romantic right?

I hope you all have a fantastic night tonight, whatever your doing or whoever your spending it with.

Speak soon,

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lush : Dragons Egg

Hey Guys, 

So I thought I would share my perfect pamper treat from Lush! 
Lately I have been loving having really luxurious long soaks in the bath. This has been helped by a sneaky Lush purchase I made on boxing day. 
I picked up three of the Dragons Egg bath bombs as they are my favourite smell, citrus! 

They are not much to look at from the outside but they turn your bath water a really dark orange colour! As well as this it makes your skin feel really soft and smooth. The only draw bag is they are not good value for money, around £4ish per bath? However as a nice treat maybe once every couple of weeks I think why not? 

What is your favourite product from Lush? 
Speak soon

Sunday, 2 February 2014

the tmi tag :)

Hey guys, 

I love reading tag posts as I think they are a good way to get you to know someone. Now nobody has actually tagged me but I thought I would join in anyway.

If in doubt, insert selfie :) 

1)What are you wearing? Black leggings, white tee and a hoodie - perfect Sunday outfit!
2) Ever been in love?  Yes, currently. 
3) Ever had a terrible break up? Nope!
4) How tall are you? 5"5 
5) How much do you way? No way am I answering that!
6) Any Tattoos? Nope, I would love some but I'm not brave enough.
7) Any Piercings? My ears and my belly button. 
8) OTP? Caroline and Klaus :) 
9) Favorite Show? I can't narrow this down, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars
10) Favourite Bands? I couldn't tell you, i'm terrible at remembering who sings the songs I like? 
11) Something you miss? Being young and being able to eat anything with no consequences
12) Favourite song? Oooh I don't know, anything by P!nk!
13) How old are you? 22 almost 23. 
14) Zodiac sign? Aries 
15) Quality you look for in a partner? Kind, caring, funny, patient and loving. 
16) Favourite quote? The struggle your facing today is preparing you for the strength you will need tomorrow. 
17) Favourite Actor? Will Smith
18) Favourite Colour? Grey at the moment, it changes often 
19) Loud music or soft? Soft 
20) Where do you go when your sad? The fridge? Doesn't everyone?
21) How long does it take you to shower? Anywhere from 5 minutes to 20?
22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Again, it depends how many times I have pressed snooze on the alarm? 
23) Ever been in a physical fight? Nope
24) Turn on? Kindness and broud shoulders and big arms. 
25) Turn off? People who are prejudice and have bad breath!
26) The reason I joined Blogger? To give me an outlet and something to do with my spare time. 
27) Fears? Small spaces!
28) Last thing that made you cry? I cry quite a bit, probably stressing about work! 
29) Last time you said I said I love someone? To Stuart this afternoon
30) Meaning behind your blog name? Well I wanted all that glitters isn't always gold, but that was taken!
31) Last book you read? Peter James- Perfect People 
32) The book your currently reading? Tina Reilly - Wish upon a star
33) Last show you watched? American Horror Story - The coven 
34) Last person you talked to? Stuart or Zan 
35) The relationship between the last person you texted? My dad
36) Favourite food? Chinese food or pasta
37) Place you want to visit? Everywhere, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, USA 
38) Last place you were? Literally - Tescos? 
39) Do you have a crush? I have so many celebrity crushes
40) Last time you kissed someone? This morning 
41) Last time you were insulted? I cant remember, suppose thats a good thing really
42) Favourite flavour of sweet? Lemon! 
43) What instruments do you play? Sadly none!
44) Favourite piece of jewellery? I only really have costume pieces
45) Last sport you played? I have never played sports since I was about 10 
46) Last song you sang? Although I am the worlds worst singer I sing along to everything
47) Favourite chat up line? *rubs t-shirt* Feel that? Thats girlfriend material!
48) Ever used it? Nope
49) Last time you hung out with anyone? What do you class as hanging out? Stuarts here now if that counts? 
50) Who should answer the questions next? All of you! Any one who wants to! 

By that was a long tag, but I quite enjoyed doing it! 
Speak Soon 

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