Monday, 23 June 2014

Someday Summary #1

Hey Guys,

So this is hopefully the start of a new series I plan on running. When I first started reading blogs some of my favorite posts to read were and still are weekly summaries some of my old favorites were The Sunday Girl and Zoella and my current favorite is Cider with Rosie who does a weekly 10 things that have made me happy this week. So I thought I would do my own version. In case the title is confusing you I decided to call it someday summary as it will be probably be uploaded on my day off from work rather than a set day each week.

So here is what I have been up to this week:

  • Going even more blonde! (I will do a full post on my hair journey once I'm fully happy)
  • Enjoying the start of our summer with trips to the beach and the park and eating LOTS of ice-cream
  • Falling in love with summer fashion!
  • Realizing just how expensive it is to have your car serviced! 
  • Started watching Game of Thrones, (already addicted!) 

There you have it guys! Let me know what you've been up to this week!
Speak Soon 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Primark Nails

Hey Guys,

Today I am going to share with you possibly my new favorite false nails.

I was in Primark the other day and spotted these bad boys. They have loads of cool patterns and prints as well as the classic french style. The best bit is they are all only £1!! Yes £1! I couldn't believe it either, and I am so proud of myself for only picking up two packs (although I fully intend of going back for more). They come with a good size selection so there should be some in there to fit everyone. The only downside is the glue is a bit rubbish and I found a couple had popped off after a day and a half, but honestly for £1 you can't expect to much. Another thing to note, depending what you do during the day, the pattern started to wear round the edges after about four days.  Honestly I love these and will recommend them to anyone looking for a quick fix, maybe for a night out or people who are new to false nails and don't want to spend to much money.

Let me know if you have tried these and how you got on.
Speak Soon
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