Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #4

Hey guys,

So I know that these posts were supposed to be posted daily but I have had major problems with my Internet connection. I tried to do scheduled posts but they just wouldn't work for some strange reason, who knows maybe I did it wrong? Then I tied to post from my iPad but it kept jointing certain words together, weird!  So anyway I'm going to try and post these and other posts as regularly as I can until I can get this silly internet working!

So here goes with my seven places!

Now I didn't know whether this referred to places I'd like to go or placesI'd been, so I thought id to a mixture of the two.

1.     New York: it's my absolute dream to go to New York. I fell in love with the city after endless hours of watching sex in the city and dreaming of a life like Carrie Bradshaw, ah the shoes! It's my dream to spend Christmas there, with the snow and the big trees and just everything.

2.     Corfu: Slightly soppy one here. This was the first place that me and Stuart went on holiday together on our own so it holds a lot of special memories for me.

3.     Kenya: I went to Kenya in 2005 to be a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding. All I can say is that it was just as amazing as you think. We went on a three day safari where we saw all the big hitters; elephants, lions,cheetahs, zebra and loads more. It is honestly something that I recommend people do at least once in their life time.

4.     The Caribbean: Again this is another dream holiday locationor even honeymoon idea. I’m not really fussy about where is the Caribbean I go to just as long as it has a white sandy beach. So I’m not asking much really then,(cough).

5.    Kos: Again this is another place that me and Stuartwent on holiday together. Just to shorten this post I actually like all the Greek islands.

6. London: Okay so I know that some people don’t class weekend breaks as holidays but definitely do. I am totally convinced that I am destined to live in London. I love every single thing about the city.

  So there you go, where are your dream holiday destinations? Join me soon (hopefully) for my five foods.

Speak Soon

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