Sunday, 28 December 2014

Someday Summary #6

Hey Guys, 

Sorry about my lack of posts recently, working in retail means Christmas is one of the busiest times of year. Anyway I'm back with my weekly summary, although this post is a bit of a rundown of the last couple of weeks. 

  • So the biggest change recently is that I started my new job. I've gone back to working in fashion retail which I love except I am now running my own shop which is a lot of added stress hence the reason I've been coming in from work and chilling out rather than having laptop time. 
  • Then after a week of opening someone decided to break in to the shop. Luckily they didn't manage to take anything but managed to leave a whole lot of mess behind to clear up which was nice of them. 
  • Obviously it has been Christmas (and I hope you all had a really good one) not that I got to enjoy very much of it working in retail but I had a lovely day and spent it with family and loved ones.
So that is all I have been up to really. Although It doesn't look like very much now I've wrote it down I feel like I haven't stopped this last three weeks. Things are starting to calm down now so hopefully I should have more time to invest in my blog! 

Let me know what you have been up to recently. 
Speak Soon 

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