Sunday, 28 December 2014

December Favourites

Hey Guys, 

I thought I would show you the few things I have been loving in December. 

As I have been so busy this month I haven't really changed my make-up very much so I only have a couple of favorites this month. 

This first thing that I have been using so much this month is my Naked 2 palette. I found I used this a lot as its so handy to create simple quick and easy looks with this palette. 

The next favourite is this plum lipstick from Accessorize. Now it doesn't have a name so I cant recommended it to you but I'm sure if you went in you would be able to find it. It's a gorgeous dark plum shade that I have loved wearing all through December as I think it jazzes up all the dark outfits I have been wearing. 

The next thing is the Stay Flawless 15 hour primer from Benefit. Now I only got this in my advent calender so I haven't had it all that long but I already know I love it and I will be buying the full size as soon as I run out. I really notice a difference to not only how long my make up lasts but how it applies. It really helps create that flawless look that lasts all day. 

Another advent calender favourite is the mini They're Real mascara. I won't go on about this two much as I have done a whole post about this but my full size one ran out so I was sooo happy when I got a mini! 

Finally is this beautiful body butter from the Body Shop which smells of satsumas! I love this scent and I love that this is only a mini as I find them so much easier to use. The Body Shop body butters aren't that expensive but do leave your skin feeling very luxurious! 

Let me know what you loved this month. 
Speak Soon 

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