Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Ombre Hair Fail

Hey Guys,

So a while back in a n.o.t.d post I hinted at the fact that I may have dyed my hair red. I thought that I could tell you about this briefly but in all fairness it’s a long story. 
So for about a year now I have been lusting after ombre hair, deluding myself that I would look like a beach goddess with beautiful wavy hair and everyone would be whispering ooohs and aaahs as I walked past. This was not the case!

Before I dyed my hair au natural!

So in about November time I saw an advert on the tele for the L’Oreal dip dye kit that claimed to be the easiest and best way to ombre your hair at home even coming with a fancy little brush that promised to make it all the more easy. So off i trotted to my local boots full of confidence. This soon changed. I got the kit home and decided to try it there and then.  I decided to try it just on the underneath of my hair in case I hated it, best decision ever. I eventually managed to get a decent covering of the bleach no thanks to that daft little brush.  The box recommends leaving the bleach on at least 40 minutes if you had dark hair, which I did. After about 10 minutes I had a really bad headache off the bleach, I am not exaggerating when I say it was the strongest smelling stuff in the world. I decided to leave it on an extra 10 minutes to ensure I got the really light look I had in mind. I washed it off only to discover that my hair was now an awful orangey yellow colour that was awful. There and then I decided no way was I doing the top layers of my hair. Luckily I was meeting my friends in Durham for lunch so I hid my hair in a ponytail and walked straight in to Sally’s and picked up a crazy colour in the colour fire red. This was the colour I had been using previously to have red hair.  Now I love my red hair so I felt instantly better once it was back to red. However because I had bleached the ends the colour really stuck to the ends which left a really nice effect of ombre red that I really like.
Not the best photo but you can see the colour quite clearly.

Now as I write this I have currently let the red wash out as at the end of the month I want to go a nice chocolate brown colour. Then work on getting a few highlights through ready for the summer! My hairdresser is going to love me!
Let me know if any of you have tried the L'oreal kit and if it worked for you.
Speak Soon

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