Saturday, 16 March 2013

Foundation Review - Loreal Infallible

Hey Guys,

I’m back today with a foundationreview for you all. I’m actually thinking about doing a series of foundationreviews. Over the years I’ve tried out somany foundations, so good, some not so good.  I thought about just writing reviews on myfavourites but then I thought that it would probably be a good idea to sharewith you the ones I didn’t like and why.
So I’m going to start the serieswith some drugstore foundations that I’m currently using then share with yousome of the high end foundations that I have in my collection.

So today’s review is going to beall about the L’Oreal Infallible, lasting perfecting foundation.
First things first I have absolutelyno idea what shade I am in this foundation as it says nowhere on the actualbottle. I have a feeling that it may have had a sticker on the lid, but the lidseems to have vanished in to thin air. Doesanybody else find this? On minute the lid is there, then poof, gone?
However I do think this is a goodcolour on me managing to hide my yellow skin tone. I tend to use my RealTechniques Buffing brush to apply this as a regular foundation brush can makeit look a little cakey.
It’s slightly thick inconsistency, which personally I prefer to really runny foundations because Ifind them easier to work with.

It is a medium coveragefoundation that you can build up to a full coverage if you wanted however Ifind that once you apply more foundation on top of the first layer it makes myskin start to look really dry.
The one thing that I disagreewith is the 16 hour wear claim that it makes on the bottle. I’m sorry but noway does this last 16 hours. I generally work 9- 6 during the day and if you don’tuse a setting powder or spray it does start to wear off by the end of the day.Annoyingly just in patches as well. However with my M.A.C finishing powder it does last the whole day.  

All in all I have enjoyed usingthis foundation and will continue to use it until it’s all gone. If I couldwork out what colour it’s in I may even repurchase it.

Let me know if you’ve tried thisfoundation before? What are your favourite drugstore foundations?
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