Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ten Day You Challenge

Hey guys,

I was reading the lovely Zoe’s blog the other day andnoticed that she was taking part in the Ten Day You Challenge.  I thought this looked like a reallyinteresting tag and a good way to give you a better understanding of the thingsI love. So here goes:

Ten Secrets

1.      I am rubbish with money. Really rubbish, I get tooexcited about buying things and often forget that I actually have bills to pay!Oops.

2.      I find myself hilarious! Most of the time I’mthe only one laughing at my jokes because everyone else thinks they’re pants.

3.      I am definitely an early bird; late nights arenot for me! I’m pretty much always fast asleep before 11pm (what a party animalI am) and always up at about 8am.

4.      I am slightly OCD. I like things in a straightline and size order and if they get moved it really bugs me.

5.      I can’t stand watching anything that involvesviolence or blood or gory things. It really creeps me out and I have to hide myface.

6.      I treat my dog as if he’s an actual human baby. Reallyit’s quite sad, he gets lots of cuddles and kisses and sleeps on the bed withme.

7.      I’m a total bookworm. I love nothing more thanspending a full day just sat reading. I’ve just finished reading the Hunger Gamestrilogy (which was amazing by the way) and I’m now reading Cecelia Ahern’s Thanksfor the memories.

8.      I am a clothes size 14 and only 5”6 L

9.      My biggest weakness in life is crisps, allcrisps any flavour I love them all!

10.  I love making lists. To do lists, wish lists oranything really. The only trouble I have is sticking to them!
See you guys tomorrow for nine loves!
Speak Soon

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