Monday, 10 September 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #2

Hey guys,

Today I’ll be sharing with you nine things that I love.

1.      Firstly a fairly obvious one, that is my mam anddad. They are not together but I see them both all the time and I love them somuch.

2.      Second another fairly obvious one, my friends. Iwouldn’t say that I have a large group of friends. But the friends that I dohave are awesome and I would do anything for them.

3.      This one’s a bit soppy but it’s my boyfriend. Hehas been a huge part of my life now for almost seven years and I don’t knowwhere I would be without him.

4.      Cups of tea. I fully believe that there is noproblem that can’t be solved over a steaming cup of tea.

5.      Kit Kats, my ultimate favourite chocolatebiscuit. I must admit I’m not a big chocolate fan but I could eat Kit Kats untilthey were coming out of my ears.

6.      Nail Varnish! Pretty self explanatory really.

7.      Cheesy Pop tunes. I absolutely having a good oldsing song (out of tune I must admit) to some really cheesy songs.

8.      Animals, this goes for literally all animals.

9.      Summer days spent sunbathing in the garden witha good book and an ice cold glass of coke.

See you tomorrow guysfor eight fears.



  1. I like reading posts like these, i was going to try this out myself :)

    Aww bless you and your boyfriend, I've been with mine almost 7 years too, I love cups of tea, nail varnish and animals!

    Confessions Of A Small Town Girl

    1. Hi :)
      Yeah I love these kinds of posts my self that's why I wanted to do this :)
      You should totally give it a go :D
      P.s I really like your blog


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