Friday, 8 February 2013

Soap And Glory Peaches And Clean: Review

Hey Guys,
So I’m back today with another Soap and Glory product review. Today it’s the Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 cleansing milk.  Again this was another product that was part of the big Christmas set. Now to tell you the truth I’ve only recently started using cleansers properly. Hands up I was much more of a make-up wipe before bed kind of girl. However I have started trying to look after my skin more as the crappy weather has really taken its toll.

Soap and Glory says; “It purifies! Can energize! And melts away make-up”

I personally think that this product is really good at taking your makeup off. It’s a really lovely consistency that’s not too thick. And the smell = yummy! It does smell of peaches but it’s a funny smell that reminds me of something that I just can’t put my finger on and every time I use it, it annoys me that I don’t know the smell.

The only thing that narks me a little with this is that my face doesn’t really feel clean and it’s not amazing at removing eye makeup. I feel like Id use this product to take my makeup off and then use my philosophy cleanser to clean my face. I don’t really know if that’s really good for my skin though, using two cleansers? But for now that’s what I’ll carry on doing.

So all in all I would purchase this product again and recommend it to anyone wanting a makeup remover. If any of you guys have this and know what this smell might remind me of can you let me know ha!

What are your favourite cleansers or makeup removers?

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