Saturday, 12 May 2012

Boots Haul :)

Hi guys,
So the other day me and one of my good friends decided to have a girly day at the Metro Centre, do some shopping have some food and go to the pictures. Side Note: The Avengers is such an awesome film, everyone should go see it!
So obviously while we there I had to go in to boots (just for a look) and ended up spending waayy to much money. But in my defence the things I picked up I’ve had my eye on for a while, that makes it okay right? Prepare for the very picture heavy post!

So the first thing that I picked up was the Philosophy purity cleanser.
I was actually in my local boots the other day looking at this and I was in two minds whether to actually buy it or not, purely because I had never tried it and I didn’t want to waste a lot of money on a product I wouldn’t use. However one of the girls who worked there gave me a few samples to take home and try out. What can I say, other than I fell in love. Not only does this product take your make-up off but it left my skin feeling so soft and really clean. So despite the hefty price tag I knew I had to own my very own bottle. I’ll let you know how I feel about this product in the long term but I’m sure I’ll still be in love.

The next thing that I picked up was the Stila: In the light palette. I had seen this on Asos when I was browsing and I did like the look of it but I am so dubious about buying makeup over the internet because you can never really tell if the colours are true or not. However last week I read a blog post buy Gemma which you can read here where she said she thought it was better than the naked palette! So I just knew with statements like that, that I had to try this out for myself. Now I’m not going to talk more about this because I think it deserves a whole post all to its own where it can be truly appreciated J .

Now I won’t talk too much about this bronzer because it has done the rounds in the beauty world for some time now, with people either loving or hating it. Despite this I thought I would give it a go as it’s the perfect colour for me when I’m wearing fake tan.
Above: Cotton Candy, Below: Fairy Cake
Above: Cotton Candy, Below: Fairy Cake
The next thing I picked up were these two Cream Puff Lip Creams from Collection 2000. Again I’ve read loads of blog posts on these so I won’t go in to two much detail. I really like these two colours as I think they are both wearable pinks that aren’t going to make you look like a Barbie wannabe. They also have a really nice finish, not sticky at all!

So then I wandered over to the Rimmel London Stand, and I am a sucker for an offer so completely fell for the: spend over £10 and get a free Mascara offer that they had on! In my defence I did need a new Mascara anyway, honest!
The first thing that I bought was the Kate Moss Lipstick in 05 which is a really nice pink shade. Also this lipstick smells gorgeous, I can’t put my finger on what it smells like but trust me it’s nice!
I then thought I would try the Wake Me Up Concealer. I’ve heard such good things about the foundation, so I have such high hopes for this.
The free Mascara that I got was the Scandleyes Mascara. I’ve yet to try this but I like the look of it! It has a nice fat brush which I like because it reaches all the lashes, the consistency looks really good as well, it looks like it won’t clump!
There you go that was my whole haul, I am more than aware I went slightly over board but I am going to put my self on a spending ban for a while in the hope my bank balance will have time to recover.
Speak Soon,

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