Friday, 27 April 2012

My nail polih OBSESSION

Well here goes, my first proper post J
I thought I would share one of my biggest obsessions and budget eater; Nail Polish. So I thought id show you a handful of my favourites. If I was to show all of my nail varnishes this would be a very looong post so these are the ones that I reach for more often and prefer to wear.

L- R Prom,Bling,Flares,Mink
These are the newest additions to my collection. I purchased these on a recent trip to London, as these are IMPOSSIBLE to locate in the north east.  They are made by LOOK magazine. So far I am really impressed with these the colour pay off is really good so you only need a couple of coats and they stay on a really long time as well.

L- R, Miss T,Fame,Love Train, Superfreak,Woodstock

These nail polishes were actually a gift, my dad had been to Cuba and bought these for me on the plane. Although these are small bottles they last a really long time! You do need a good couple of coats on for the colour to look really opaque but once these are on they don’t budge!
L-R, Green Dazzle, Ruby Pumps

These two are my favourite glitter polishes! The green one is a W7 polish that I can’t remember where I purchased it from and the red one is a china glaze polish.  They are both really good glitters as you only need one coat for them to be sparkling. However as with all glitter polishes they are an absolute nightmare to get off!

L-R, Gypsy Night, Beyond the sea,Silver Bullet, Adornment

Now you can’t do a post about nail polish and not mention Topshop! I must admit I did not have high hopes for the whole range of Topshop makeup but I must say that overall I am really impressed. However the glitter nail polishes I think are a bit naff, they need lots of coats to get a half decent coverage of glitter.  But the regular polishes are really good and stay on really well, as long as they have a decent top coat on over the top.
L-R, Daredevil, Utilitarian, Paint it on,
Am I starting to bore you yet? These are the last three I promise. These are last of the Topshop nail polishes I own. I thought I would show them to you as they contain my favourite and my leats favourite. My favourite is Paint It On, as this is a colour that can be worn both day and night and has excellent staying power, so no need to worry about chipping on a night out. If you can’t guess my least favourite is Utilitarian. It came as part of a set and is this horrible mud green colour that goes with absolutely nothing I own.  However I do think on the right kind of girl with the right outfit on it would look okay, it just isn’t my personal style.
So there you go, a sneak peek in to my collection that is ever growing! I currently have my eye on a mint green polish that would be ideal for the spring/summer season! 
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  1. love the bling nail pop varnish! i have one similar from topshop called adrenaline! its my new fave! really like the topshop gyspy night you have too! great collection! x

    1. Oooh I might just have to have a look for those :) I'm always on the hunt for new polishes! :)


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