Monday, 2 February 2015

Monthly Update: January

Hey Guys, 

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So last year I tried and failed at doing weekly update posts. I think the main reason I failed is because nothing exciting happens often enough in my life to update people once a week. I do still like doing update posts so I thought I would do them monthly as I'm sure even boring old me could fill a post once a month. 
So, January, was it just me or was that a loooong month. It seemed to go on and on and payday seemed like a distant memory but finally we are in to February. This is what I got up to in January:

  • I got a promotion at work so I'm now the store manager which is obviously a lot more responsibility and pressure but I am so ready for the challenge. 
  • I finished my shopping for New York, expect to see some haul or luggage type posts coming soon. 
  • I made the leap and got my backside back to weight watchers. Surprisingly I even managed to lose 4.5lbs over Christmas so I am determined to lose another stone and a half! 
  • The reason I'm so determined to lose weight is because me and Stu have booked our summer holidays!! Two weeks in sunny Mexico, I cannot contain my excitement! 
  • Beauty wise this month I have been really trying with my skin care routine and I really think it's making a difference, I might do a post on the products I've been using.
  • I've also been trying out a new foundation and some new Benefit products that I got from my advent calender that I will eventually get round to reviewing for you. 
That is pretty much all I've been up to in January. It doesn't seem much when It's wrote down like that but I feel like I've never stopped. I have lots of posts planned for February and I can't wait to share them with you. 

Let me know what you got up to in January and any exciting plans you have in February. 
Speak Soon 

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