Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Review: Enrapture Extremely heated rollers

Hey guys,
Today I’m back with a review of the Enrapture Heated rollers.
You'll have to excuse the paint on the front. Decorating woes!
I absolutely love these rollers. I will hold my hands up, I am rubbish with my hair. I can’t curl it with the straightener's, I can’t use curling wands, I am rubbish.
That was until these bad boys came into my life. These have been the only thing that has worked for me. They give me the volume I want as well as big bouncy curls.
Pesky Paint
You turn the base on and it takes literally about five minutes to heat the rollers up. The other really good thing about these is the fact that the clips are also heated which means your hair is being heated from all angles.
Because they get so hot you only need to leave the rollers in about 15 minutes, which makes them great for a quick fix before a night out. When I say they get hot I mean it, I've got asbestos fingers so I don't have much trouble but one of my friends burnt her finger on the rollers. I like to put these in before my makeup and leave them in for about an hour to give me the look I like. With the right hairspray the curls will last all night, even with lots of dancing.
I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is like me and can’t do anything else with their hair, if a novice like me can do them then anyone can!
Let me know if you have these and what you think? Also if you have any tips for curling hair please let me know?
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