Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review: Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

Hey guys,

Today I am going to review the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk.

Sorry about the grainy Iphone photo, my camera decided to have a fit and not work :(
This was actually in one of the sets that I received for Christmas, and I’ve only just got round to trying it last month.
The first thing is that the name is quite deceiving. Because it is called a body milk I was expecting a runny consistency, more like milk actually. However it is quite thick. I admit I do prefer the thicker consistency but I was just letting you guys know.
The next thing is the smell. It doesn’t have the normal Soap and Glory fragrance which I’ve come to love over the years. It smells like nutty yogurt. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad smell it’s just not my personal favourite.
However even though I’m not keen on the smell I can’t deny what a good moisturiser it is. I have been putting it on, before bed every night. I must admit I have noticed an improvement. Especially around my dry elbows. 
All in all I probably would re-purchase this because it works so well. However I think I would try and find another moisturiser that worked just as well with a scent I preferred more.
Let me know if you have tried this? Did it work for you? Do you like the smell?
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