Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Mac Palette

Hey Guys,

I'm back. Once again I'm sorry for being a rubbish blogger lately but hopefully that should all change (she says)

The first post that I thought I should start with is my newest addition to my make-up collection. To help cheer myself up during the final weeks of uni I decided that i would finally take the plunge and purchase some Mac eye shadows.

While I have been a lover of Mac for a lot of years I’ve never been interested in the eye shadows, not because I didn’t like them but I never used to bother with eye shadows. That was partly because I never knew what I was doing and partly because I just liked the look of just black liner on the lid so I stuck with that look for about two years.
However recently I have become OBSESSED with all brands and finishes of eye shadows so I thought it was time to bite the bullet and buy some from Mac.  
Now I was in two minds whether or not to just buy them in the individual pots but I thought purely just for my holidays the palette would be so much easier to carry and not take up so much space in my case. 
I must admit I spent about an hour deciding on the colours I wanted and originally I only wanted to get two along with the palette but I ended up getting three, oops. There are so many gorgeous colours available at Mac that I’ve already mentally filled most of my palette.

The colours that I decided, eventually, to go with were: Vanilla- which is a gorgeous shimmery cream colour, perfect for a base colour.

 I then picked up Malt which isn’t as brown as I would have liked it to be, it’s more of a pinky/brown nude colour but I still love it!

This looks a lot darker than it actually is, (rubbish camera)
And the last colour that I decided on was Woodwinked which is a brow/gold which I thought would be an ideal shade for every day!

Aww they look all lonely, I should buy more to keep them company ;)
So far I’m really happy with the colours that I picked, the pigmentation is amazing. The only thing I have noticed is that I do need to wear an eye shadow primer to get the full colour pay off, but that may just be my eyelids.  
What do you think? What are your favourite shades?
Speak Soon

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